Altered Easter Paint Can

I made an altered paint can. I added scrapbook papers with “Easter” prints. I used spray adhesive from Home Depot to get the papers to stick. The best way to get the adhesive sprayed on the papers it to take the paper in the yard and lay it on the grass – it leaves sticky residue behind…that way it is on the grass. Once you have the paper with the sticky adhesive where you want it on the can, you can spread it out with your hands. If it is not exactly where you want it, you can still carefully pick it up and reposition it. You will need to add a hole for the part that the handle from the can fits in to on each side at the top. I used a paper punch that was the same size and cut a slit at the top so the paper can just go on around it and not look like i made a hole. Next, you can add stickers to the can and ribbon or ric rac to the can. Just use scrapb ribbons for the handle. For the lid, I found a glad disposable container lid that was the same size and traced around it and the paper fit perfectly on the lid of the can.
We used this for an Easter Egg Hunt and it was cute and held quite a few eggs! It would be cute to make for catching candy for your little Trick-or-Treater!

click to see it bigger 😀


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