Papersack Mini Book

I made this Doggy Papersack mini book with 3 brown lunch sacks. I alternated the direction. (the first one’s open end was on the right, the second one’s closed end was on the right, and the third one’s open end was one the right). It can be made with more paper sacks, but I like to use an odd number. Fold the sacks in half and punch holes with a hole punch along that line. I used 3 holes here, but there can be more than that. Next, I cut paper to fit on the right and left including the front and back of the book. I bought the papers at Recollections and the stamps and ribbons at Hobby Lobby. I added paper fro tags to be pulled from the open ends. Pictures and journaling can be added to the pages. It is a very inexpensive little scrapbook to give for a gift.

Click here to see it bigger 😀


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