Altered Note Pads and Pens

I have made some altered note pads today. I made an “Eyeore” notepad for a nurse I work with…she had a hard day last week and is a good friend (her favorite character is Eyeore…she wears Eyeore scrubs and writes with an Eyeore pen) and the other I made for a teacher, Miss Marsha, that feeds my daughter breakfast on the two mornings she goes to preschool. She is a really nice lady and always comments on the little gifts I bring my daughter’s teachers for holidays, birthdays, and appreciation gifts. They do not cost a lot, but they let the teacher know that we appreciate them teaching our kids. There were “A Piece of Cake!”

Supplies needed for note pads:
mini note pads – bought at Target 3 pads for $1.99
scrap papers 3″x5″ to cover note pad cover
ribbons to place at top of cover and on spiral
Terrifically tacky tape (it is really sticky and stays stuck)
chalks and blender pen
Supplies needed for pen:
pen (pentel) – bought at Target 4 pens for $1.99
1″ x 3 1/4″ paper
unscrew the end and roll the paper around the ink cartridge and insert back into pen and screw the end back on

click to see bigger 😀


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