Object in B&W with Color Background

Here are some instructions for turning a picture into black and white with an object in the background in color using Photo Explosion. I have had several friends ask and I promised I would put the instructions here soon. So here they are…

1. pick out your picture you want to retouch.
2. go to the tool bar and click edit
3. click on selection and then smart select from your choices
4. go to the left drop down window and click on create new selection
5. click on a place on your object where you want to start and a red ball appears…left click with your mouse around the object until you are done and click the ball and it will be green.
6. go to next at the bottom left
7. pick out what color sepia tone you want and it will change your picture into an object in black and white and the background in color.

I like to use the pumpkin patch for this type of B&W and color picture. I set my kids in the pumpkins and make them B&W and keep the pumpkins around them in color.

Hope this helps. I will add how to make something in color with the background B&W as well as do multiple things in a picture in color soon.


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