More Ideas for Pictures Online

Here are some different things that are FREE we can do with our pictures…

The first is Scrapblog. I discovered scrapblog some time back when I was deciding to switch from a webpage to a blog. Since I like scrapbooking, I decided I would first look and see if there was such a blog for scrapbookers as a scrapbooking blog. That is when I found it online, but it wasn’t complete yet. It is now complete and it pretty neat. It also works with blogger and facebook as well as some others so you can post your “scrapblog” to either your profile on facebook or add it to your blog. You can add pages to each “Scrapblog” just like a regular scrapbook and when it plays, it will turn the pages…the pages have your selected pictures, journaling, neat background pages, frames, music and doodles. Really neat to show off your pictures. The only think I don’t like that it doesn’t do is let you make your blog pages private and only your friends be able to see them.

Slide lets you do that…it takes your pictures from facebook that are private and lets you make a slideshow that is private that you can post on your blog.

The other is smilebox. This has the option of being free with the little ads on the side (if you don’t mind them) or $40 per year to not have the ads. I think it is fine either way…you have to decide FREE or NOT FREE. It does postcards, greeting cards, scrapbooks, photo books, and slide shows depending on how many pictures you are wanting to show off. It lets you slide the pictures over and pick music from usually 3 preselected songs (which I have always found one of them that fit my pictures) and then either email it out or add it to your blog. They are really cute and it lets you know when your friends have viewed it via email.

Both are great and add to your pictures. Thought I would pass this on!


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