Using Brushes in Photo Explosion

Here are my instructions for using brushes that you download from Two Peas, The Shabby Shoppe, etc and don’t know how to get them on your page layout.

open up your photo explosion program
go to browse
click on the page layout you want to add the brushes onto
find the brushes you want to use and click on them
go to selection across the top
click on shape
make sure the top left window says create new
choose the shape you want (rectangle, square, circle or oval)
click on that shape
go to tool options under shape choice
click on draw from center
look across yout toolbar on the top
click on scissors
click and drag from the center of the object you want
you will do that until it fits around the part you want it to
right click your mouse and choose copy
click on the page layout on the bottom of the screen you want to add it to
right click on that page and choose paste
go to adjust across the top
choose rotate and resize
resize the object you are adding until it is the size you want
move it on the page layout where you want it
You are all done and you should have your object cut, copied, and pasted exactly where you want it on your page layout. If for some reason, you mess up or when you start to click and drag across the object, it is not in the correct place, you can go look across your toolbar at the top where you found the scissors and click on one of the arrows pointing to the left. That is your undo button and it will let you click anddrag across the obeject again. You can do this as many times as it takes until you get the object cut just right. This is how you do this in Photo Explosion. Easy once you figure it out. It is “A Piece of Cake” once you figure it out. Good luck!


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