My New Blog Header Template in Memory Mixer

I wanted to offer how to make a blog header template using Memory Mixer. This is for Memory Mixer users who do not have Photoshop, but want to create a blog header template and want to use a stock photo in the blog header template. The same basic thing could be done in Photoshop, but this is for Memory Mixer users. I originally started with Memory Mixer when I found it in my scrapbook store and liked it and wanted to learn more things I could do digitally and got Photo Shop Elements when I was ready to learn more.

Pick a picture out on and download it. You do have to purchase credits – which start at about $12 for 10 credits.  Then create a blank page in Memory Mixer in “portrait” and added the downloaded photo. You have the option to mat the photo and chose the color for the mat. You can size the matted photo and add text below the picture. If you want to add extra things in the picture, you can do that with any extra graphic stock you have. I added pumpkins to a picture of two kids in the bathtub to one of mine and it turned out great.

If you do not want to use a stock photo, you do not have to. There are some cute retro vector images, though. I even contacted the artist and asked them to create a vector image to fit my family and they did it for me and then I purchased it on the site.

This is just an idea for Memory Mixer users that can be personalized for your own blog.

Good luck! It is “A Piece of Cake!”


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