Using Photo Explosion to Draw Borders

Recently, I have been making a lot of Storyboards where I also wanted to draw a border and add text or brushes to complete the page. My instructions for using the brushes are in a separate post. Here is how I made the borders:

go to adjust across the top
go to paint
choose brush
choose shape on the top left
choose square
decrease the size of the square and make it as small as you can
click on the box next to shape
choose connected lines
while holding the shift key down, drag your mouse where you want the lines
now, click on the eraser at the top left
hold the shift key and click where you do not want the line (this is where you will add text)
this is where you will add a few words about the storyboard
you are done…save it and share your storyboard
I like making the Storyboards using the templates from Once Upon a Storyboard because they make your layout look perfect and professional and I also like just making some in Memory Mixer on a white background and adding other stuff (like one word in big letter about the person in the picture, and some journaling). Either way I think is fun and looks great! Have fun! It is “A Piece of Cake!”


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