Stationary Gift

I made a little gift for our daughter’s two teachers that were leaving. I wanted to make something quick and inexpensive. So I made a compostition notebook that was altered. I used a crayon stamp set. The other part of their gift was a stationary set. It included a pen and 10 cards/envelopes. Here is how to make it all…

the pen – I buy the pens (with the lid type) 4 in a package at Target for $2.
open the end of the pen and cut a scrap piece of paper 3 3/4″ x 3/4″.
roll it around the ink well and put it in the clear part of the pen and screw the end back on.

the stationary – 3 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ white cardstock
10 invitation envelopes at Office Depot or Target for about $6 in a big box
punch two holes at the center top
run ribbon through the holes and bring it through the other hole
trim the ribbon ends
stamp an image on the bottom center and on the envelopes

the folder – one 12 x 12 piece of paper – fold it in half (6″ x 6″) and then open it up and fold the bottom up 4″
with the bottom folded up, fold it over (so you have a 8″ x 6″ folder)
punch a hole through all the layers so a ribbon can run through
run a ribbon through the back hole around the folder to the front
put 5 envelopes with 5 pieces of stationary on each side in the “pockets”
close the folder and tie the ribbon
add the pen in one pocket

it is “A Piece of Cake” to make! that is it – you are done. very cute, easy, and inexpensive!

click to see it bigger šŸ˜€


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