Baked-Ribbon Hairbows Recipe

I recently baked some rbbon for my daughter’s hairbows and added it to bigger bow and attached both to stretchy lace since she does not have enough hair to hold a hairclip. To bake the ribbon, all you need is a thin dowel rod, thin grosgrain ribbon, and string or something to tie the ends of the dowel rod with.

tie the ribbon to one end of the dowel rod.
twist the ribbon until the ribbon is twisted around the entire dowel rod.
tie the other end.
run the ribbon under the water faucet and saturate the whole rod.
place in the oven at about 350 for 35 minutes.
then take out and pull of dowel rod.
cut into small pieces.
make into hairbows.
5-6 pieces of baked ribbon looks good on a hair bow or clip.

have fun!

click to see it bigger 😀


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