Create a ScrapBlog

Here is something I like…scrapblog. I found it when it was being created and checked back when it was finished. You can either create a scrapblog and have it online or you can create it and add it to Facebook where only your friends can see it. They are very simple to create and are very cute. You pick your pictures to use, your backgrounds, stickers, and frames, and then add music. Facebook will let you have one on your profile page at a time. I have made two online and several that I made that only my Facebook friends could see for privacy. Scrapblog even gives the idea of printing the pages as 4″x6″ pictures and then adding them to a 5″x7″ book. The books I have found at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.50 by Paper Studio and $5 not on sale. The holiday themes are really cute…and would be a great little gift! Have fun!

Here is the link for making a scrapblog gift book.



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2 responses to “Create a ScrapBlog

  1. No problem. It is easy to do for people that don’t really do digital or paper scrapbooking. The idea of putting it into the little book combines digital and paper scrapbooking. I thought it was a great idea you had!

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