Leopard Print Digital Kits

Oooohhhhh…look what I found! Animal prints in a digital scrapbooking kit and Animal Print Frames and best of all….it was FREE. Yes, I said FREE. So many times, I think I find digital kits online (especially on my favorite sites that I usually go to) that are really cute, but I think I wish there was something girly…PINK and Leopard print. We have a Zoo trip with friends from church coming up this weekend and I was wondering if someone made a kit with animal prints or would I need to plan to do a paper scrapbook page for the pictures. I was even prepared to pay for one, but free is good! It would also make a cute page for girls in their pink boas, tutus, and leopard print outfits! I can tell I am going to use this kit over and over which is the great thing about digital scrapbooking….you can use elements over and over. I hope you can use this, too and like animal prints as much as I do!


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