Creating a Character Autograph Brush with Graphics

Our family is a bunch of Disney freaks…Disneyworld, Disneyland, Hilton Head Island Disney Resort, The Disney Store…we love it. One of the magical things is meeting the characters and getting the autographs to have to bring home and add to scrapbook pages. We come home and I make a 12×12 “family Disney scrapbook” and an 8×8 book for each child. Here is my recipe for creating a character signature brush with graphics:

go to file>new
size it 300×300px @ 72 dpi with a white background

make a new layer
put the autograph signature in the new layer one of these ways:
– scanned autograph
– type the signature with a selected font
– use the pen tool
– I like to put the character’s autograph/signature with a phrase or word in a simple font under it ( I will be using a picture of Cinderella and a font that looks like a princess font because I don’t have a Cinderella autograph scanned)

now it is time to turn the autograph into a brush
go to layers palette
turn off “eye” for background layer
command and click on signature layer and any added layers (additional text or graphics)
to do this, hold command and click on the first layer and hold command while clicking on the other layers wanted

now it is time to define the brush
go to edit>define>give it a name>ok

ready to add the autographs to a picture
open picture
type “b” and it will open your brushes
you may need to click on load brush if it is not in brushes
click on the character brush and add it to your picture

adding a graphic to your picture:
go to a disney graphic site (that is the one I like to use) and find a graphic and save it as a picture
open the graphic wanted in pse and size it and move it next to the autograph brush

it is finished and now an autographed picture with a graphic that matches! If an autograph is not available, I think finding a font that is close will work out just as well. There are some at 1oo1fonts and dafont that I like to use for my journaling. I like to try to match a font to the character style. My favorite is “Waltograph” at 1001fonts!

click here to see it bigger 😀

cinderella with autograph and graphic brush

Hobby Lobby sells 5×7 paperback scrapbooks for $5 and when they run a sale, they are $2.50 and they would make great autograph books. I buy several when they run a sale on them and give them as gifts. A Mickey Mouse sticker could be added to the window on the front of the book and voilaa, kids have a Disney Autograph book. The book would allow for easy scanning when returning from a Disney trip. It is about 24 pages and lays very flat. It even has a ribbon to keep it tied when not in use and they come in several colors including black, red, and others. This is just another idea to make the post trip picture scrapbooking easier. Have fun!



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2 responses to “Creating a Character Autograph Brush with Graphics

  1. This site is SO freakin cute! You really need to put it out there with some advertising here and there b/c I think lots of people would be interested! Very cute!

  2. Thanks! I am putting the posts for things to do because I feel like I have to search and then it is different because it is written in windows, not mac. So I am putting my instructions for mac here so I can come back and find them easily. I am adding them in the sidebar for quick reference. Also, others can benefit from what I have found hopefully, too.

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