Creating a Signature Brush

Here is my recipe for creating a signature brush:

go to file>new
size it 300x300px @ 72 dpi with a white background

make a new layer
put the signature in the new layer one of these ways:
– scanned signature
– type the signature with a selected font
– use the pen tool
copyright the signature (optional):
– alt and type 0169
– laptop is function and number lock
– mac is option G

now it is time to turn the signature into a brush
go to layers palette
turn off “eye” for background layer
command and click on signature layer and any added layers (additional text or graphics)

now it is time to define the brush
go to edit>define>give it a name>ok



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2 responses to “Creating a Signature Brush

  1. send me some autograph style of my name (sarfaraz)

  2. I hope I am telling you what you want to know…you should be able to find a font ( and are good sites for fonts) and then make that font your signature. If you don’t find a font you like, you could sign your name on paper, scan it, and then turn it into a brush using my instructions and then add it to your pictures, etc.

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