Digital Curled Edges & Torn Paper

Once you start digital scrapbooking and you have the layering of papers mastered, it is fun to start learning new techniques like tearing paper, folded corners, and curled edges. You can make your own torn paper by using a brush, eraser, and going over the edges of two papers in a jagged motion. I guess you could also make a curled page out of real paper and then take a picture of it and then scan it. At Scrapgirls, I found two inexpensive templates: torn paper and curled edges. You buy them and then use them and you don’t have to do all the work. The curled edges come in white. These two templates would make things “A Piece of Cake!” 

Torn edges:
place the torn edge under your paper
go to layers and  group with previous
the paper will look torn

Curled edges:
place the edge on top of the paper
group with previousthe paper will have a curled/worn look to it

Note: I found more templates personal and commercial use on the Scrapgirls site that I could use in the future. 


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