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Photo Color Pop

Here is a little recipe for “Color Pop” with photos. 

Open photo
On layers, duplicate the layer
Go to filter>blur>gaussian blur
Set the blur where the element is blurred, but still has shape…I like to use about 10
Go to blending modes and select overlay
For more, you can select vivid light

That is it…”A Piece of Cake!” It brings out the deeper tones in the photo and makes them “pop”.


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It is the last day of the year. I plan to continue to add things I find on this blog for digital scrapbooking and paper crafts. Until then, Happy New Year!

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Printing Options

Here are some ideas for printing options if you are wanting to print scrapbook pages, cards, books, etc.

Apple does a great job for books, cards, etc 

WHCC is a great source for printing pages, books, cards, etc. Their prices are great and include shipping.

Cosco prints pages at a good price. You do need a membership.

Scrapbook Pictures prints pages and ships for a $2 flat fee no matter how many you order.

Hope this helps anyone needing to print scrapbook pages, cards, or books. There are others, but these are the ones I have found that looked pretty good to me.

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imac Photo Books

Now that it is the day after Christmas, I can tell about a great photo book you can get through Apple. I wanted to before now, but I didn’t want my Mom or Mother-in-law to see their gifts if I posted about it.

I created 6 books through Apple recently…for my grandmother, mother and dad, and husband’s parents. I took pictures I have taken at home in “my personal photo shoots” of our children and put them in the book in themed sets of pages from birth to now. The book allowed about 20 pages including a title page, an introductory photo page, and 8 sets of themed pages with a single photo page at the end. On each set of pages, I added a little journaling telling about the time in that set of pictures. To make this a great photo book, Apple added a photo jacket complete with a front cover with my choice of the photo and titles. I was very impressed with the book when it arrived. I have never done this before as I am a scrapbooker and usually just make the grandparents an 8×8 scrapbook…so this was different and nice.

I have an imac and my camera loads my pictures into iphoto and I that is where I saw a button the said “books” and I read a little and saw a video about what Apple will create…and thought that would be a perfect gift for the grandparents. Grandparents LOVE to get photos of their grandchildren and they can look at the books anytime they want when they think of their grandkids.

Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday! 

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What I Like…

I have recently been asked by friends about doing digital layouts, what I use. These friends have not done digital scrapbooking and are wanting to know where to start. So, I decided I would write a post just on what I like to use.

Pink Ink Studios products I love! Frames, storyboards, masks…made for photographers by photographers. They have some really neat products I like to use with my digital kits for layouts.

Shabby Princess I love! Designs, kits, embellishments…Shabby…and there is a new one each month (perfect for me)! I love the designs of Shabby Princess digital kits and use them in Photoshop Elements to create my layouts. About one new kits a month is perfect as i keep up with my family’s photo shoots.

Photoshop Elements! I am not ready for photoshop just yet and I am having fun learning to create digital elements and layouts! I am able to do many things with my layouts and digital products.

I like to write my own tutorials for Photoshop Elements 4.0 for mac and add them here to have to look back at again and for others to use for a particular technique. Occasionally, if I cannot do something I am wanting to do, I go to Scrapgirls for a template or Digital Designs for frames if I cannot the frame I am wanting. Most of the time, I use Shabby Princess digital kits with Pink Ink Studios products and create my own layouts. I hope this helps some of you that may be wanting to get into digital scrapbooking.

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Drawing an outline border

I wanted to draw a border around one of my storyboards and then add a title. Here is the recipe: 

create a new layer

with that layer selected, use the marquee tool to create the border

go to edit>stroke and choose the color border and where you want the color

if you want to add a title, click on the eraser (I used the block shape) and erase an area add the text you want in area erased

that is it…”It’s A Piece of Cake”!

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Adding Light in PSE 4.0

Here is a link for adding light to photos…it works great and makes spotlighting photos “A Piece of Cake”!  Adding Light

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