Recoloring an Object

I wanted to re-color an object in my digital layout. I bought a photo frame from Digital Designs and wanted it to be black just like the four-frame set I had in a kit from Shabby Princess. I did see a tutorial on 2 Peas that said you could go to Layers>hue/saturation and adjust the settings until the color was what you wanted. That worked for just about every color except for black. So I did it a different way:I clicked on my dropper and clicked on the Shabby Princess frame I clicked on the paint bucket and clicked on the frame I wanted to change to colorVoilaa! It was black just like I wanted. I then saved it black so I could use it again as a black frame.You can change it to any color you want. Any color in your layout you can make your frame. The frames are great because they go over your photo and have a worn look to them.  I like to buy my photo frames at Pink Ink Studios, Digital Designs, and Shabby Princess.



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2 responses to “Recoloring an Object

  1. Jo

    Thanks for the coloring tip – it really helped!

  2. Great…it worked for me. I have found some of the “grunge” type frames it doesn’t always work with. Solid stuff is great for it.

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