Using a Photo for a Digital Background Recipe

If you want to use a photo for a digital background, follow this recipe and it will be “A Piece of Cake”! 

Open the picture onto your background in Photoshop Elements
Drag the handles on the corners to make it the same size as your background
Go to opacity and adjust it until it looks like you want it

I did a background with Cinderella’s Castle as my background and decreased the opacity to 35% and it was just right. Then, I added a storyboard three-window frame with three Disney pictures behind it from our trip. I added a Disney-looking font to the bottom with a title about our trip and the date.The storyboard frame I used was from Once Upon A Storyboard and it’s one of my favorite places to get different packs of digital storyboards for about $7 for several in a pack. Pink Ink Studios also has some that are easy to use and are usually around $4-6. Last, I added a soft drop shadow in Photoshop Elements.

 Disney digital pageClick here to see it bigger 😀 


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  1. I have always been a tech geek and have been searching for a cool way to display all my digital photos that are now currently stuck on my computer. I know there are digital picture frames that you can use all year, but, I was looking for a way to display them during the holidays, especially Christmas. I could only find one kind of digital photo ornament on the market and they only came in 3 colors and were round, kind of boring. Then the other day I came across a brand new digital photo ornament that is not even available yet, but the company is taking pre-orders and will start shipping in June ’08. The digital photo ornaments are amazing and come in all shapes and sizes and they have free shipping. Every ornament also comes with a free digital picture frame to use year round. You just take out the LCD from the back of the ornament and insert into the frame, pretty cool idea! Go check them out

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