imac Photo Books

Now that it is the day after Christmas, I can tell about a great photo book you can get through Apple. I wanted to before now, but I didn’t want my Mom or Mother-in-law to see their gifts if I posted about it.

I created 6 books through Apple recently…for my grandmother, mother and dad, and husband’s parents. I took pictures I have taken at home in “my personal photo shoots” of our children and put them in the book in themed sets of pages from birth to now. The book allowed about 20 pages including a title page, an introductory photo page, and 8 sets of themed pages with a single photo page at the end. On each set of pages, I added a little journaling telling about the time in that set of pictures. To make this a great photo book, Apple added a photo jacket complete with a front cover with my choice of the photo and titles. I was very impressed with the book when it arrived. I have never done this before as I am a scrapbooker and usually just make the grandparents an 8×8 scrapbook…so this was different and nice.

I have an imac and my camera loads my pictures into iphoto and I that is where I saw a button the said “books” and I read a little and saw a video about what Apple will create…and thought that would be a perfect gift for the grandparents. Grandparents LOVE to get photos of their grandchildren and they can look at the books anytime they want when they think of their grandkids.

Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday! 


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