AWANA Digital Scrapbooking

I thought I would add something about doing Digital Scrapbooking layouts for AWANA

Our church has AWANA and our son loves it!!! We have been amazed at how much our son has learned at AWANA and how much he wants to go. For those who do not know what AWANA is…it is like Boy/Girl Scouts, but with Bible stories and scripture memory added. The kids memorize a verse each week and recite it for either stickers or patches (if it is a “patch week”) and they wear their vest with their patches. During the week to get ready for AWANA, they study an AWANA story with Bible application and a Bible story, memorize that week’s verse, and do a fun project with their parents that relates to that week’s lesson. It doesn’t take long to get ready for it and my son loves to do his AWANA lesson. AWANA is great and I cannot say enough about it. So that made me think I should think about doing a digital scrapbook layout for AWANA sometime for my son since I have taken photos during AWANA.

For the digital AWANA layout, you could start with a background. For backgrounds, I thought you could use AWANA colored paper or colored backgrounds and this would be easy because AWANA colors are primary. I have different digital kits that would work for this because they have red, blue or yellow backgrounds in them. If not, just coloring the background red, blue or yellow would be fine, too. You could add text for the layout like what AWANA stands for or an AWANA verse your child had to learn. You could add photos of your child from AWANA using digital photo frames. Then you could add ribbons, scanned patches, etc. I did find on the AWANA site that there is clip art! I was excited to find this out because that means you could use the clip art and add it to a layout.

I think this would make a very cute layout for your child’s efforts in AWANA that the family could have to look back at.I hope if there is anyone that does AWANA with their child in “internet land” looking for a Digital layout idea, that this might give some ideas. I need to get a few more photos of my child and do one, too. 

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed….A.W.A.N.A. 



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3 responses to “AWANA Digital Scrapbooking

  1. Cullen

    Here is a cool idea that I found. There is a company out there called JourNovel. They specialize in converting Journals, Diaries, and Family Stories into Novels, Novellas, and Children’s stories. They will also take your pictures and put them in the novels. They don’t have a website, but you can e-mail them at and they will give you a quote.

  2. Linda

    I also have two boys in awanas. I thought you might like to see an Awanas layout

  3. I thought your layout was great! Thanks for adding it on here….I have not done mine yet for AWANA, but I do plan to (as soon as I have some better photos than what I have)

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