Valentines Badge Cover Mini-Books

I made this little Valentine Badge Cover Mini-Book for my grandmother for Valentines. 

I used the Mint Tin Templates from Shabby Miss Jennthat i used for the Mint Tins and added them to badge covers. I used badge covers I had bought from Office Depot for work. I used 6 of them since I printed out 12 of the Mint Tin Templates to go in them. I cut card stock to go in each one with the printed papers on each side. I added rings and ribbons ties on the rings. I used fray-check on the ends of the ribbons so they wouldn’t shred. I added a paper flower with a button. I put a little bag of Valentine Sweethearts candy with a ribbon, too. I put them in an envelope with a card and mailed them to her because she is my sweet grandmother.

My grandmother is a very creative lady…she did ceramics, painted, quilted, did caligraphy, her geneology, and kept up with photo albums most of the time. I think she will be surprised when she gets this. Each badge cover has photos from Valentines of our kids that she loves so much. She now lives in a retirement apartment and doesn’t have as much space as she once did in her home she shared with my grandfather. So, when I make her things I try to give her something small she can keep out with photos of our children in it and she can think of them every time she looks at the things I make her.  



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