A Dog-gone Good Cause

For a Dog-gone Good Cause…Here is a great “Pet-Themed” digital kit I found through Shabby Miss Jenn that supports the ASPCA! It has very cute Doggy & Kitty stuff in it. You can either buy the kit and make up your own pages or you can buy the pre-made pages with the alphabet set and add photos and make pages quickly. I understand that what you pay for the kit is considered a donation to the ASPCA and that means it should be tax deductible…so while the ASPCA gets a donation, you get a really cute “Pet-Themed” digital kit or pre-made pages to use. On the site, there is a link to see what others have done with their pages for ideas. The kit was created by several people, but two are designers I have met through Pink Ink Studios (Holly McCaig) and Shabby Miss Jenn’s Designs (Shabby Miss Jenn). I think it is cute and a “Dog-gone” good cause!


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