First Layout in Photoshop Elements

I was asked about doing a “first layout” in Photoshop Elements. I use 4.0 for Mac and I know there is the recent 6.0, but I am deciding if I want to upgrade or if 4.0 does what I want it to do. Here is a link that I used when I wanted to learn to do my first layout and I thought it was very helpful. I liked it because it was a video tutorial and I could watch it and actually see someone show me what to do. It is from the Shabby Princess site. There is also the text tutorial if you prefer. I started here….just so I could learn how to do a basic layout and then when I was comfortable with that, I searched online for tutorials to learn to do something else until I understood how to do many things.

One thing I like about Shabby Princess and Shabby Miss Jenn’s Designs for getting my digital kits is that you do not have to worry about “brushes” (or abr files). They create their stuff in either png files or jpg files and their stuff is very easy and very cute to use. I like to get some of my frames from Designer Digitals and I think that when I have bought their frames, they have been easier to re-color and looked great when I did that. Another site that has great templates when you are feeling lazy, not feeling creative, or have little time is Scrap Girls. Scrap Artist is another good site I have come across through Shabby Miss Jenn – she introduced me a few weeks back. Pink Ink Studios is also great for storyboards, frames, masks, and textures. Two Peas in a bucket offers some free stuff and I think their message board is a lot of help when you need it.

I know there are a ton of sites out there for digital scrapbooking, but these are my favorites for different reasons.


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